Jack of all fruits ….. and the master too …

Jack fruit (or what’s the raw ones called? is it also Jack fruit?) the season has started and some families make dishes out of the raw ones too, without waiting for it to ripe. But the taste after it’s ripe and add some ghee to it and try eating. Delicious !!

4 comments on “Jack of all fruits ….. and the master too …”

  1. This is a new fruit to me! BTW, what is ghee?


  2. @ RR ….. Thanks for visiting & Ghee is made out of milk after its fermented to be curd and the top creamy layer of curd boiled and made into ghee …..


  3. ahhh… how I miss jack fruit… it is so unique and so delicious. I lived in Chennai all of 1992-1993 in St.Thomas Mount area. Glad to see there is a daily photo blog on the city.

    RamN : Rachel, its great to find a citymate through the fotolog of Chennai. Now is the time for these delicious Jackfruits …… will pass them through the web mate 😉


  4. […] Earlier i had shown the Jackfruit’s season start, this one shown here is the classic example of the breaking open the fruit and eating it too :). The knives need to be coated with oil, so as the milk out of the fruit doesn’t stick and easy to open, once the fruit is open then the individual fruits are removed from its shell. […]


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