Chennai Trade Centre

The “Chennai Trade Centre” is the exhibition space, the much needed space for exhibitions, expos, product launches etc. is in Butt Road. The Road which is one of the 4 roads at Kathipara Junction towards Porur.

It’s in Nandambakkam, and close to the St.Thomas Mount, Airport rear side, MIOT hospitals, L&T office etc.

They also have a convention centre added recently.

2 comments on “Chennai Trade Centre”

  1. Butt Road? I used to walk or bicycle that road daily. I don’t even recognize it now! Could you take some pics of GST Rd. near the military compound (assuming it’s still there)? I lived in the flats across the road.

    Ram N : Yes the city has been changing mindlessly ….. will try and do some pics on the GST road for you to start spotting the differences soon …..


  2. What a contrast with the other Chennai DP blog. Different worlds.

    Ram N : The same city but different perspectives, i guess, Andree.


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