Jackfruit … now open

Earlier i had shown the Jackfruit’s season start, this one shown here is the classic example of the breaking open the fruit and eating it too :). The knives need to be coated with oil, so as the milk out of the fruit doesn’t stick and easy to open, once the fruit is open then the individual fruits are removed from its shell.

Here you could see the complete set-up with half open side of the fruit, the peeled away individual fruits kept in the container, oil for the knives …..

p.s. that’s my mom peeling the jackfruit …..

3 comments on “Jackfruit … now open”

  1. mmm mmm… how I miss jack fruit. I wish you could send me some! It’s impossible to explain jack fruit to people around here – we don’t have anything even close to it.

    Ram : I also wish i could send some across their …. i still remember to click some in and around OTA areas and upload here ….


  2. I love this fruit. Very delicious when we mix with Ice Syrup

    Ram : Oh … will try that recipe too Arie, Thanks for sharing. We add ghee to the fruit and eat it.


  3. I was in Bali in Jan. 2002 and had Jack fruit and LOVED it. It’s true it’s really difficult to explain it. If I remember correctly, the texture is kind of like fat yellow ribbons. I still dream of it. Do you know if there’s anywhere to buy it fresh in NYS? Or anyway to have it shipped? How is it canned? is it much different?


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