Egmore Railway station – 100 years

The Chennai Egmore Railway station completes a 100 Years of existence today on June 11th 2008. The structure is still an head turner and retained its charm.

Happy Birthday Egmore Station.

6 comments on “Egmore Railway station – 100 years”

  1. I never get tired of seeing buildings in India, they are so majestic and take your breath away!


    Ram : Will ensure you get to see more such majestic buildings in this site ….


  2. So you got the eastern side! Good shot!

    Ram : Yes …. the main entrance …..


  3. It’s beautiful…very nice.

    Ram : Thanks for dropping by “lavenderlady”


  4. Interesting juxtaposition of old architecture and modern advertising. Glad the old gems are being restored.

    Ram : Yes with relentless pressures from various NGO’s, a lots of old architecture are either not knocked down and restored. Fingers crossed.


  5. […] to take a dig on the Britishers who left India about 61 years ago and change the spelling at the Chennai Egmore Railway Station. That too not with just one spelling, but three (democracy […]


  6. […] Chennai Egmore Railway station, boasts of new passenger amenities in its premise. This is a chart which says what are all the amenities in the station. The station is 101 years old now. […]


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