Light up ….

The High Mast Lamps are now quite common in public areas & main Junctions.

These carry the burden of making up for the loss of lighting after the Billboards have been removed in the city.

3 comments on “Light up ….”

  1. Mmm… may i know why the billoards were removed? Nice pic, btw.

    Ram : Thanks for the nice words Layrayski …..


  2. Great angle-It reminds me a ride at the carnival!

    Ram : Yes, after your comment i realise it looks like a ride at the amusement parks ….


  3. Interesting shoot, I never thought about loosing light if you remove the billboards! Thanks for commenting on my site,

    Ram : Thanks mrdi, yes the lighted billboards in the streets have vanished and so less lights ….


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