Hotel Saravana Bhavan

Hotel Saravana Bhavan, is a very famous south indian chain of “only vegetarian” restaurants & fast foods across Chennai and also in Delhi, USA, Middle East, Canada, Malaysia, Oman and Singapore. The fame to glory for this food chain is their consistency in quality of food, hygiene and ambience. I’ve heard that they have a S.O.P (standard operating procedure manual) for all their food stuffs (even for Sambhar i hear) and thats why the coffee or the chutney or any item tastes the same way across the world.

Read an experience and suggestion, given earlier 🙂 ……

4 comments on “Hotel Saravana Bhavan”

  1. Not to forget a whole range of their CSR activities (okay, annachi’s personal life aside)!

    Ram : Aptly said Shantaram, their CSR activities are commendable.


  2. I just found out one of these opened in Vancouver, Canada – only a couple hours from me… we might have to make the trek!

    Ram : Worth the trip Rachel and its sure bring your old memories of Chennai aka Madras back.


  3. I’d hope that they open one near Saratoga Springs. It would be nice to try Indian Vegetarian for a change.


  4. due to the busy schedules from work, most people would just prefer to eat on fastfoods *


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