The Milk Man

Was pleasantly surprised to see a Milkman’s cycle and their existence even now, with the advent of Sachet Milk and TetraPak’d milk. The fresh cow or buffalo milk supplied by these people , from the neighbourhood where the only source of Milk a decade or so back …. but now we’ve the Aavin’s, Heritage, Arokya etc. catering to the masses.

3 comments on “The Milk Man”

  1. Very nice picture. I have a funny “milk” story I hope you enjoy: once during my 2 year stay in Chennai, I was staying in a friend’s flat while they were out of town. I was uncomfortable staying their alone and had barely slept that night. When a loud, pre-dawn knock sounded at the door, I was startled & my heart started to pound. I called “Who is it?” through the door and when the reply (sounded to me like) “Paul,” I responded that I did not know a “Paul” and to go away. I think he was trying to explain but I just kept telling him to go away. A few days later, I was telling of this event to my Tamil friends and was shocked to discover that “milk” in tamil sounds a lot like “Paul.” So, fear got the better of me that day and I missed out on having milk with my breakfast. My friends forgot to tell me that they had milk delivered every morning. :>)

    Ram: Rachel, i’m rolling on the floor laughing reading your “paul” aka “paal” aka “Milk” story ………. it’s really funny and can’t stop smiling …………..


  2. Yes, there are still these pleasant surprises that transport you back to when Chennai was Madras…

    Ram: Yes all of us keep looking for the Old Madras in this Chennai i guess …. 🙂


  3. hi its nice to see milk vending in its oldest form… remember the days of Adimullam(our oldest milkwallah)

    Ram: Yes Solai, only Adimoolam inspired to click the shot and also update it here. Keep visiting.


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