Metal, Theme day

City Daily Photo, the portal’s theme day for this Month August’08 is Metal. As you could interpret “Metal” to actual metal, music and many more …. I’ve chosen the iron as a metal here for the theme day.

Found at the Wall of St.Thomas Mount.

Check here for the other participants.


7 comments on “Metal, Theme day”

  1. A truly masculine interpretation of the theme. 🙂

    Ram: 😀 … thanks Isadora for your visit & comment …..


  2. So impressive. You’d not mistake it. I love the solidity of this. Good photo.

    Ram: Thanks a ton Jilly ……


  3. Hmmmm, you do have a point 😉

    Ram: Ha haa … Yes 😉


  4. I like this very much.

    Ram: Thanks Sally …. Am glad u liked it ….


  5. Ouch! Wouldn’t want to land on that. Excellent picture, Ram!

    Happy Theme Day!


    Ram: Hahaa 🙂 ….. Thanks Janet


  6. quite fierce shot and very different from the others, i like it very much.

    Ram: Thanks for the visit & views Jazzy.


  7. That’s the scariest metal. What a spike.

    Ram: 🙂 …. Thanks for the visit & views Babooshka


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