Climate @ its best

The rainy season is starting and the evenings have become bearable. Rains smiling at Chennaites last couple of weeks.

This brings cheer to flora around & the tiny land lillies (not too sure about the actual name, this is what the neighbourhood nursery calls it) at full bloom in my home.

What a sight ! extremely pleasant and makes your day …….

Have a good week ahead.

2 comments on “Climate @ its best”

  1. Hey !! nice picture…

    Ram: Thanks Yogesh 🙂


  2. Pink Rain Lily, Fairy Lily, Zephyranthes grandiflora and there are a few other names. If you ‘image Google’ with any of those names you will get an idea of the Zephyranthes family. I posted a group of white ones this spring.

    Ram: Thanks Tog, checking it out in Image Google. Your Tog of Coral Gables site is beautiful ……


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