TamBrahms are basically the brahmin community (iyers or iyengars) of Tamil Nadu. When you say TamBrahm in South of Vindhyas the following words come to my mind (and in no particular order) they are studious, prohiths or priests, wear veshti or dhoti, aspire to be in USA & software, again aspire to study @ the IITs, try and be good at Maths, live around Triplicane, Mylapore or Nanganallur ….. there can be more added to this community which gives importance to education.

A collage of pictures of some Brahmins of Chennai shot at Triplicane.

4 comments on “TamBrahms”

  1. Interesting images. I like how you have chosen to display them in a collage. Would you share how you did this? You may email me or leave a comment here or on my blog. Thank you.


  2. Interesting post and photos 🙂


  3. Love the photos. When we were in Chennai three years ago now, I loved seeing the men in their dhotis. I even bought one for my husband to wear…and surprisingly he actually tried it once!


  4. […] and many more. Depending on the deity / god at the temple the priests originate from the Tam Brahm communities (iyer or iyengar) or from the villages themselves from a Non-brahmin […]


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