Boom Boom Madu

No idea what would this be called in English, its called “Boom Boom Madu” or “Boom Boom Cow” (my translation skills have improved 🙂 ) in Tamil. These Ox (not too sure, again, if its Ox / Cow) are decorated and brought along by these men to every home. They play some music using their nagaswara like instrument and seek alms. These men are also unique in their dressing styles.

An interesting post by Ashok on Boom Boom Madu here.

4 comments on “Boom Boom Madu”

  1. It is an ox alright and a good catch! One more of those sights that have become extinct over the past few years!



  2. At least they play some music and not just beg outright. Very colorful clothes on both the man and the ox!


  3. old shouldn’t be forgotten.


  4. […] there are the men who bring their ‘Boom boom maadu‘, typically on weekends. There are small drums beating and the nadaswaram playing and shouts […]


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