English again ….

The English might be right, but doesn’t convey what they wanted to say “Passport size photo’s in 10 Minutes” ….. or else are they competing with the Passport Centre of the Govt of India? in issuing paasports for the citizens. 🙂

5 comments on “English again ….”

  1. lol!!! man!!!crime in language eh??? good one!


  2. I always think that he person that wrote the sign can speak more of my language than I can of his so I try to be patient, but it can be inconvenient following some signs!


  3. irony is that the customary passport size and size of photo for passport are totally different.


  4. You do find some interesting signs and meaning of words.


  5. […] earlier brushes with english are here One, Two, Three, Four & Five. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Trailer or Tailor?Shocking Truth Of […]


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