How tree’s become God’s …

Two quick steps to make a tree to a GOD. See the pictures below :-


Just buy some Turmeric (which you saw a few days back here) make it into a paste, and apply on the tree like shown above (like a circle) and then apply Kungumam (which was seen along with the turmeric) and start worshiping the tree.

Later one could install a Hundi and collect money, and after a few months / years spread the legend about “How the Tree Helps in Ailments” and build a temple with donations and you become the Trustee.

Seen here are a couple involved just doing it …. to a tree at the University of Madras Campus.

(More effects of rain snaps tomorrow)

One comment on “How tree’s become God’s …”

  1. I just started to read the paper(New York Times), and the news seems so grim. Our prayers are going out to you. This is Thanksgiving Day in the USA – we thank and we pray. It’s a time for people of all faiths to come together.

    Ram: Thanks Tog, never have we imagined the situation of our brothers/sisters in Mumbai will be so grim. Lets pray for them.


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