MTC and its various colours

MTC aka Metropolitan Transport Corporation and erstwhile known as Pallavan Transport Corporation, runs the Public Buses across Chennai. Earlier it was all RED, later it became all GREEN with the Ashok Leyland Chasis. Offlate, though they still use Ashok Leyland Chasis, they have been sporting new looks, colours and seats.

Of that 1st featured here is their Yellow coloured buses. (with Blue stickering).

3 comments on “MTC and its various colours”

  1. hmmm… yup.. mtc buses looking good nowadays

    Ram: Yes Arvind aka KRA, u’ve a good blog ….


  2. […] of the MTC …. the standard colour for most of their fleet of buses. Though they have now a lots of colours added to the fleet, this looks always MTC to […]


  3. […] saw the Yellow & the Classic Green earlier, now its the turn of Grey / Blue combination of an MTC […]


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