MTC & Grey

You saw the Yellow & the Classic Green earlier, now its the turn of Grey / Blue combination of an MTC bus.

Also got a white caught in my camera, soon for your eyes.

2 comments on “MTC & Grey”

  1. While colorful buses are alright to look at on the roads, they may actually increase the maintenance cost for the transport corporation.

    If any outer body part gets damaged, they have to use the same color to repaint it. It would also mean buying and keeping in stock of these paints int he workshops.

    Ram: True Sathya, But if MTC had negotiated well with the Body Builder, they could have passed the maintainence for some time to them too …


  2. Ram,

    All “Body Builders” went to Olympics when MTC was negotiating, I guess 🙂

    Ram: ha haa .. could be Sathya ….. 😀


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