Many get inspirations in their architecture from various sources. This one i guess from Greek Mythology or Roman Mythology (that shows my lack of research capabilities, and nothing to do with this actual architect’s vision).

I did not go out of the way to click this picture right and get only the figures in the frame, as a traveler we get to see only such visual presentations in the streets of a city (with all sign boards, cables hanging) and not just the actual statues alone.

Seen in a building block near the Maraimalai Adigal Bridge, Saidapet – Little Mount connection.

One comment on “Inspirations”

  1. You have not taken efforts to click the pictures right, alright.

    But, what if you wanted to do it? Would it have been easy? These hanging cables and unimaginatively placed advertisement boards spoil the beauty of the buildings.

    The effort of the architect to present a building beautifully is brought to naught by the advertisers.

    I tried to take a photo of Srirangam Rajagopuram without having wires coming in the way and it was well nigh difficult.

    Ram: True Sathya, this is what i call Urban Diarrohea


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