Mylai Karpagambal mess

Lip smacking, yummy, delicious are some the adjectives that could be used for this eatery. Simple tables, a small cubbyhole area demarked for A/c diners land a larger area for Non – A/c plus amazing food is the concoction of this success formula.

I was told that the legend is top industrialists, executives stop their vehicles outside, roll their shirts sleeves and found eating here.

Its almost opp to the Kapaleeswarar temple / Rasi.

My 2 cents here.


4 comments on “Mylai Karpagambal mess”

  1. So you got there ahead of me again! Took a photo early on, but don’t have enough to write about it…. apart from the food, of course!


  2. When there is “ruchistic” food, why write? Just move the gadgets away and eat to your belly’s content.

    I haven’t eaten there yet. Will make it a point to do so during my next visit to Rasi. (my wife is smacking her lips now, as I mention Rasi).

    Ram: Don’t miss


  3. I can’t miss. Mrs won’t agree!


  4. The place is dirty,non Tamil reading persons are at a disadvantage since the menu board is only in Tamil,the accent of the waiters is non cosmopolitan , the quality of eats is far from satisfactory and finally the eats are cold ! So much for Karpagambal Food.Good luck to the die hards .I for one will stay away from the road where this mess messes around.


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