Sri Parthasarathy Temple

The Famed Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple in Triplicane.  My first visit to the area and temple was during my photowalk (in Aug around the Madras Week celebrations) and the place grows on you instantly.

The legend his this lord was a charioteer for Arjuna in the Mahabaratha War and hence he sports a Moustache to keep up with the tradition of Charioteers. Also to be found with no weapons as per his promise of using none during the War.

A must see place for everyone ……

6 comments on “Sri Parthasarathy Temple”

  1. Fascinating story. And it’s amazing to see such a grand, elaborate temple in the middle of an urban setting. Love it.

    Ram: Yes Hilda, most of the temples are heritage sites and still survive the urban setting in South of India.


  2. Great pic of the temple, thanks for sharing.

    Regina In Pictures

    Ram: Am glad you liked it, Guy.


  3. I hope that you’ll fulfill my request of a shot from Bharathiyaar’s House of the back entrance of the temple.

    Ram: Soon to be realesed on Popular demand. Keep watching Rahul.


  4. See my name. And see where the temple is located 🙂

    Your unintended gift to me, I guess.

    In recent times, Tamil movie maker sentiment includes taking atleast one scene in Triplicane. In the recent Varanam Ayiram movie you had Surya dancing in front of this temple for the song “yethi, yethi, yethi”.

    Lastly, if you had told me of this photo shoot, i would have match fixed you to come on 6 March 2009 when I will be in Triplicane 😛

    Ram: Now there’s an intended gift in todays post Sathya of the same temple ….. we could still do a triplicane walk on Mar 8th (sun) when u’d returned by then …. would be lovely to be shown the places by a localite ….


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  6. […] East entrance Arch to the Swami Parthasarathy Temple. Loved their lightings for the […]


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