Scribble Graffitti on the rise ….

The people without realising they are damaging the public sites are yet on the prowl.

I can’t insult the Dogs or Monkeys by calling these guys their names.

A sad scene in Vandalur Zoo.

One comment on “Scribble Graffitti on the rise ….”

  1. Graffitti in some places is very enjoyable.

    I read in one of my favorite writer Sujatha’s article on graffiti about the writing on the wall of a cinema theater toilet “what you are doing now is better than xxx’s acting in xxx movie”

    New York subway train platforms are famous for the graffiti.

    However, what you have pictured is far from being a graffiti.

    Best rumors about which boy is interested in which girl is found in co-education school toilets 🙂

    Ram: Superb correlations Sathya……


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