Parthasarathy as seen by Bharathi

On popular demand …. the view of Sri Parthasarathy Swami Temple as seen from the Mahakavi Bharathi’s House.

What an amazing “Madhil” Suvar (மதில் சுவர்  or the periphery wall) !!!

Hope Rahul & Sathya enjoys this picture ….

2 comments on “Parthasarathy as seen by Bharathi”

  1. Ram,

    Thanks. You rekindled my memories again.

    1. Opp. side of this long wall is a middle income dwelling house called “Komutti Bangla” where the rent is unimaginably cheap. It has about 5o or so families which include Tamil joke writer “V Sarathy Dechu” family as well.

    2. Some of the best Triplicane beach and street cricketers live in this street called “Peyalwar Koil Street”.

    3. In my youth, we have played cricket in this street and also with the team from this street at the marina beach (opp. Vivekananda House)


    Ram: Very interesting trivia ……


  2. Thanks. I wanted this pic for this post

    Ram: Great …..


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