On the move ….

Could you spot and list all the wares this small mobile push cart is selling? You win, if its listed correctly, 1000 one rupee coins as reward. 🙂

Enterprising guys who don’t resort to easy means of earning, but work to earn.

Seen on the Car Street.

4 comments on “On the move ….”

  1. wow!! the task and ur award are equally painstaking 🙂

    Ram: I believe in Fair Rewards … 🙂


  2. Its a mobile superstore. You just need Rs.100 to buy many items of day to day use, such as, varieties of comb, dish washing nylon, nylon threads, ribbons, pottu, soap box, small handheld mirrors, plastic toys for kids, mobile phone replicas, plastic and glass bangles, small plastic bottles (to carry oil to temple?), “muram” and so on.

    They are actually a very good convenience stores and also prompt you to buy on impulse.

    You took it on Car Street, most likely you found it in the “Car”ner of the street? Depending upon which end of the Car Street you took the picture, I can tell you if it was near my house or not!

    Ram: It was taken on the opp end of the temple in the car street …. is it closeby?


  3. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss – very!


  4. I like that little carrom board 🙂

    Ram: You could buy one … its really economical …. but the courier cost to Kuwait would be the most expensive i guess 😀


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