Vaadhyar aka Purohit

Being a vaadhyar is a profession who carries out rituals for Hindu families, are priests at temples. Here they are part of the Tamil Brahmin society, either a iyer or a iyengar mostly.

I like they way he’s made his poonool a key chain.

Seen crossing Arcot Road.

5 comments on “Vaadhyar aka Purohit”

  1. Ram,

    Do we have telepathy?

    Last night I published a post on Cho’s Engey Brahmanan and you are coming up with “Here is a Brahmanan” 🙂

    Incredible co-incidence.

    Ram: Could be Sathya …. 🙂


  2. I like this shot and description!

    Ram: Thanks JC ……..


  3. […] Purohits aka Vadhiyars we had seen earlier about them here ….. i was (rather not) surprised to see they moving over to the keypads and mouse clicks for […]


    • Fantastic thought ! Very very important idea that someone has thought of. I think we need these kind of services to bring back the lost glory and also in the modern age, we need convenience to follow a great religion. Though we are very busy with survival, we definitely seek religious asylum at times. This I think would bring together the bridges and also make an impact into the society.

      Great job done guys, whoever it may be. Keep it up!


  4. Progressive individual and very Europid.
    He is mostly Nord Indid – Indo Brachid of the absolute peak variant going in a Nordoid-Dinaroid direction. His skin tone is mostly medium dark brown but he has fine cut features, a narrow node, high cranial vault,etc.
    And a pot belly offa eating too much thayir satham and sakrai pongal 😛


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