Birds Menu

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Vandalur is a modern zoo in Chennai, with lion safari, battery operated vehicles to see around, white tiger enclosure etc.

They’ve also replicated the Kodiakkarai (Point Calimere) bird sanctuary situation inside the zoo. Pont calimere is the southern most tip of Nagapattinam District in Tamil Nadu.

This is the list of birds inside the enclosure in Vandalur. (their tamil translations are very interesting names)

2 comments on “Birds Menu”

  1. I have added this spot in my growing list of places to visit! (Vandalur Zoo).

    The Tamil names are interesting but let these not end up in the menu of a military hotel!


    Ram: Velu military!


  2. Ram,

    I have seen such menu items at Madurai Amma Mess (seems a famous one). Of course, I am a vegetarian but went with my office colleagues there and saw the menu items.


    Ram: Yes thats a place you could see them in the menu …. but for Veggies its Sriram Mess in Madurai.


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