Gemini flyover

Anna Flyover aka Gemini Flyover (c)

Anna Flyover also known as Gemini flyover came into existence in 1973. Built in the land, which had the Gemini studios brought the name as Gemini flyover too. This is the foundation / opening stone of the flyover.

Also the statues on both sides with a man reining the horses to commomerate the stopping of horse racing in TN also was added near this flyover.

The nearby locations and their distances are here & a lovely panoramic view from the flyover by my friend GVB here …..

2 comments on “Gemini flyover”

  1. For a long long time (before the many mini fly overs came up) this was also the only fly-over in Chennai.

    The flyover has figured in many movies; most famous one being Shankar’s “Mudhalvan”


  2. am not clear,, y anna fly over is called as gemini flyover, pls clarify


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