80 … and young

South Indian Stores (c)ramaswamyn.com

Its a rare sight to see such site’s in the city these days. Especially such outlets are in prime areas and the urge for the landlord is to raze it down and come up with a comercial & contemporary complex in that place.

Not many such shops and not many in many areas except Parrys, Mylapore, Triplicane & Mount road are a few locations where you still find them standing tall among the newer kids of the block.

Seen near RASI & Mylai Karpagambal Mess, Mylapore.

2 comments on “80 … and young”

  1. It will do good for Indian Tourism if they nationlaize such old buildings and host local museums there. For example, a good old building in Mylapore can become a local museum hosting Mylapore related old photos, artefacts and memorabilia.

    One can even consider this as a business venture! (Oops, there goes a billion dollar idea!)

    Ram: You have patented that idea in an open forum … so a billion dollar is already yours … 🙂


  2. Nice black and white picture, Ram. Captures the history of the building very well. Did you use the Nikon?

    Ram: Thanks Ronen … Yes i used the Nikon


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