Vandalur (c)ramaswamyn.com

In a few cases “What’s preached is practised” is prevelant …. Vandalur Zoo is one such example, where they don’t allow vehicles with emission and only battery operated buggies , electric vans & bicycles are allowed, apart from walking.

Could many such public places start following such procedures, and not just seeing them as profitable enterprise!!

3 comments on “Harmony”

  1. We have to start re-cycling!

    Ram: 😀


  2. We need more car-free places!

    Ram: Yes, completely agree with you Jacob


  3. Madras Christian College at Tambaram used to be another place where cycling and walking were the only permitted means of travel within the campus, beyond a certain point. Wonder if it is still the same now….

    Sadly, there is a shortage of large open air places in namma Chennai….Would be keen to know if there are any, apart from Vandalur Zoo and Marina Beach.

    Ram: Yes Ronen many areas dont have spaces for bicycles. Some more locations which are biker friendly are IIT, Anna University Campuses, Old Cart track road and nearby localities in Guindy / Race Course. Can’t think of more.


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