A tempo or an Auto or … ?

Name it (c)ramaswamyn.com

…. what is this? These vehicles are normally used by the Hardware / Cement / Water can distributors and many such dealers for delivery of wares to individual homes from their warehouses.

Driving and more so following these vehicles are an art, because most of the time the drivers of this don’t know whats coming behind them (as the window is closed with goods) and take sharp turns (like any other auto driver). So it makes driving behind them interesting and keeps you guessing on what he’s going to do next. (like a thriller movie, uh!)

Pic courtesy : My son

One comment on “A tempo or an Auto or … ?”

  1. Necessity is the mother of all inventions they say.

    These vehicles are unique to India. There are back open versions like the one your son has captured and the closed ones that act as secure delivery vans including for caterers.

    I immediately recall the Piaggio advertisement in which a guy keeps delivering items non-stop under instructions from his boss.

    Ram: 😀


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