Oh .. english again

Amlet (c)ramaswamyn.com

Ha haa … I’m back with more English from Chennai.

These Omelette’s are tastier than they sound, but. Found at Bazullah Road Tea shop.

My earlier brushes with english are here One, Two, Three, Four & Five.


2 comments on “Oh .. english again”

  1. Damn Ragi Malt. My mom used to stuff it down my throat when I was recovering from typhoid. Wish I’d never have to taste that again.

    Ram: Ha haa … many dislike a particular food thanks to some illness & its associated memory. (Like my friends curd rice)


  2. and btw, very good quality for a Blackberry.

    Ram: Wanted to compare the same pic using a P1i & BB Storm …. the BB storm won it (though both are 3.2 MP) in this case …


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