Hopon & Hopoff

Hopon & Hopoff (c)ramaswamyn.com

Many must have seen the stops for the Hopon/Hopoff tours introduced by TTDC (Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation) here, this is the bus the tourism department uses for these tours.

Good idea to have used the one-way vision vinyls on the bus windows to seemlessly allow view from inside and nothing visible of inside from out. (similar to the new Volvo sticker on the window glass).

Though its meant to attract tourists, as a local i’d also want to experience these tours which are famed at Europe.

4 comments on “Hopon & Hopoff”

  1. Interesting shot, but I do worry about you taking photos from your motorbike!

    Ram: Thanks & Dont worry about the way i take some shots Jacob. One, i’m on my car and two, i always click only when i’m waiting in the signal or my fellow passenger clicking what i want. Thanks for the concern.


  2. Thanks for the link – and the tag!

    Ram: Welcome ….


  3. Ram,

    You can probably ask one of your NRI relatives to sponsor this for you. All TTDC may be looking for is Foreign Currency!

    You threw two personal info when you replied to Jacob:

    1. You have a Car
    2. You travel with someone in the car. Don’t know if your wife knows it and how she will take it if she knows that the better half has become better quarter 😉

    Ram: Ha haa … will exploit some NRI relatives (or more so NRI friends like you) and as said earlier your theories are brilliant when it comes to making the dots join … 😀


  4. […] for a shorter distance and the other for the longer distance and the route is fixed. So like the hopon hopoff tours, these are hopon hopoff autos where people share their rides to a common […]


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