Padi flyover

Collage of Padi Flyover (c)

The all new Flyover at Padi Junction. This has considerably eased the traffic movements at the TVS / Padi / Annanagar West & Villivakkam junction.

I’m wondering whether the Annanagar train service, which was stopped for this grade separator will be reopened again.

2 comments on “Padi flyover”

  1. Ram,

    These flyovers have sure helped ease traffic but the time taken while building these made life miserable for the commuters and residents.

    I think you can stop wondering and start using Right to Information Act to know the status of Anna Nagar train service. More and more people should start using this Act and that can bring in a revolution.

    Ram: True … will check on the RTI Act available straight away.


  2. Are there proper directions sign board at all points giving name of place it leads???


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