A lot can happen for coffee …

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Borrowing from the tag line of Cafe Coffee day, in earlier days (less than a decade back) when someone says coffee shop only these shops which sell coffee powder from fresh roasted beans come to your mind.

These (Leo Coffee, Narasu’s etc.) are still famous in many neighbourhoods for their fresh coffee powder purchases.

Now with Barista’s & CCDs ruling the younger generations heart …. these coffee shops need to be constantly innovative and engaging their audiences. (I also miss the 1st coffee pub, Coffee?)

2 comments on “A lot can happen for coffee …”

  1. In the olden days even small neighborhood hotels used to be known as Coffee Cafes. பிராமணாள் காபி கபே – Brahmins Koffee Kafe – comes to mind.

    I do not think our younger generation has moved away from filter coffee. I have seen several youngsters seeking for it in Restaurants and hotels even abroad and saying “No” to instant coffee.

    Nothing beats a hot filter coffee served in good old dabara and tumbler – very unique to South India!

    P.S.: Old youngsters like me also like Koffee with Anu 😉

    Ram: Kaapi kadai, Dabara set coffee … both yes. But “Youngsters” like you … hmmmm :p


  2. I said, OLD “Youngster “, because I go “sight” seeing Anu in Koffee with Anu 😉

    Ram: Hmm …


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