Row houses

Row Houses (c)

Many people aspiring for their own homes in the city wish they could get Individual Homes and not flats. But the flats offer economies of scale for both the builder and owner in terms of common areas, security etc. But the privacy is in question at many of these Apartments.

Individual homes are way to expensive when it comes to your own piece of land and then building an home on it.

There comes these cross beings of row houses, you get a small piece of land where your homes are built on and most of the places you share a wall as common wall. You also get the privacy of an individual house.This is prevalent in suburb’s usually.

Seen at Valasarawakkam.

2 comments on “Row houses”

  1. Privacy is a concern in all apartments and most condos. But they are usually less money and some offer more security. Interesting place!

    Ram: V true Jacob


  2. Where is my copyrighted comment?

    – “PadmaRam” Sathyamurthy

    Ram: I dont see any other comment, pending nor at spam


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