Fresh … Reliable & More

Fresh Vegetables

You can’t beat these neighbourhood shops when it comes to FRESH Vegetables. And more so when it comes to having the pleasure of bargaining these allows you such small pleasures.

With their entrepreneurship skills, any amount of Reliance Fresh, Fresh @ and More stores would find it difficult to woo away clients for these groceries.

Photo Courtesy : R Sathyamurthy

4 comments on “Fresh … Reliable & More”

  1. Yayyyyyyy….

    I won the PadmaRam award today!


    Commenting on my own click – I loved two things when I clicked this photo:

    a) The number of natural and artificial colors in this scene

    b) So very well those colors have come out due to the natural color filter of a gloomy sky on that day

    Aside from that, it is amazing entrepreneurship as you rightly pointed out. The amount of business acumen these mostly illiterate people have is a motivator for us the so called learned people.

    They know the quantity they need to buy of each vegetable (example see the number of Chow Chows the lady has – about 10?), they know the period up to which these vegetables will remain fresh, they know their regular customers that will come and ask for specific items, they know how to price them for profit and when to dispose of the remaining as clearance sale.

    These people also probably have the knowledge of how to present their wares to the public. There is a specific method how they arrange the vegetables. And they will have a tie-up with a nearby house to keep the unsold overnight!

    In fact there will be smaller veg. vendors who thrive on the clearance sales made by these relatively bigger vendors!

    Just mind boggling!

    And I should go and write a blog on this using these comments 😉

    Ram: Too late to use the photo in your blog 🙂 …. Congrats on winning the award G’man


  2. look at every tomato and brinjal from up close and you are most certain to find a injection hole. performance enhancing drugs for veggies

    Ram: I guess you are too careful ….


  3. Looks lovely and delicious!

    Ram: You bet …


  4. […] Green Orchards (from the Sterling Resorts group). But can these compete with the neigbourhood fresh veg stalls? years to go […]


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