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MTS (c)

Chennai has got its 7th Mobile operator launching its service last week. Its from Sistema Shyam Telelink and the service is called MTS. They’ve currently launched their CDMA service in TamilNadu. They already have Rainbow as their brand in Rajasthan.

I was surprised to see “Egg Shape” as their logo, very curious to know how they arrived at such a logo for their service.

The other existing service providers are Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Tata CDMA, Reliance CDMA.


One comment on “Change your lifeplan”

  1. With all that competiotion you must have some great deals for mobiles

    Ram: Mo, the competition is not just over, before the coming July / Aug there’d be another 6-7 more service providers launching their services and the Mobile Number portability might also be launched. With that the deals would be real sweet.


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