Publicity on the move

Bus Signs (c)

With the removal of Bill boards in the city of Chennai newer mediums are coming to light and gaining importance. Buses, which are traveling across the city is a popular medium for communication of the brands / offers / events. Auto Rickshaw tops, One way vinyls on the bus glass panels are the other popular ones.

One such MTC Bus and the sign saying the mobile bill board is vacant at present for Publicity purpose is seen here. Shot near Anna Nagar Ayyappan Temple.

4 comments on “Publicity on the move”

  1. Ram,

    Call and check out the price. I think they may not sell space in just one board; if they do and the price is competitive, we can advertise your and my blog there.


    Ram: With the billboard options no longer existing, the cost would be prohibitive. But with 450 odd readers for Digitising Thoughts, people should be advertising in your Blog and not on the Bus Panels.


  2. We’re doing the same kind of thing. Ads on buses, of course, but now we’ve got traveling vans on which ads are changing constantly. Something of a traffic hazard, I think.

    Ram: Yes the scrolling Ads would be a distraction (if the content of the ad is good) …. something similar is in place in Delhi.


  3. 🙂

    I called you to call as the mobile number in the panel invited us to call.

    I would not mind advertising to increase the reader base from 450 to 4500!



  4. […] dearth of publicity space makes the marketing planners think unique. After the Mobile Hoardings, Bus panels … now its the Water […]


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