Exclusive stores

VanHuesen Exclusive Store

Single brand exclusive stores prefer to be in a Mall or a shopping complex to attract more footfall into their stores and not as a standalone store.
VanHeusen, one of the Madura Brands in India has opened recently one of the largest single brand exclusive stores in the world and Biggest in India some time back at R K Salai, Chennai.
Check out the store, when you are on the way to Beach or Citi Centre.

5 comments on “Exclusive stores”

  1. Wow. That is one impressive store. Looks like it is something straight out of a fashion magazine.

    Ram: Yes Abraham, a lovely store to walkin too ….


  2. I saw this building while driving towards beach. It is a very impressive and stunning building and from the exterior looks, i feel even the show room would be impressive. This is a very bold move by the brand. Retail in India is surely and clearly maturing.

    Ram: True Anand, i also guess retailing is just out of malls too ….


    • Anand,

      Your passion for buildings is well known to me 🙂

      Ram – Anand is one guy who has a super ability to remember places and buildings. I used to wonder if he would have become an architect if he didn’t take up CA.

      Ram: If he’d become an Architect, it’d be very useful for my current role 🙂


  3. Looks very interesting…and an unusual type building…VanHeusen is big here, too.

    Ram: Oh, yes VH is a big brand across the globe.


  4. //Check out the store, when you are on the way to Beach or Citi Centre. //

    Ram – I will do it during my next visit. Do pick me up from my house and do not forget to stack your purse with 30 to 40 Rs.1000 notes! I assure you I will not buy much, you will be able to take back one or two of those notes when you get back home after dropping me back with my shopping load!

    Ram : Hellloooo … Hellooo .. your voice is not audible …..


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