How you eat?

Plantain Leaves

Yes the trustworthy plantain leaves are the best option to have your food. The best eco-friendly plates, hygienic and green option.

Seen here is a load of plantain leaves getting sorted and cut into smaller options for retail use.

4 comments on “How you eat?”

  1. Banana leaves, its also popular for wrapping in many Indonesian snacks and foods.

    Ram: I guess this habbit of using banana leaves is prevelant in South east asian countries … thanks Diba.


  2. It is a challenge to eat Rasam rice in banana leaf and i really enjoy eating on banana leaf. The meal is wholesome and complete only when had on banana leaf….

    Ram: Thats defntly an interesting challenge, Anand.


  3. Eating on banana leaves are also said to have some medicinal benefits. When you see banana leaves you also think of a sumptuous grand meal in South India 🙂

    Just noted that even your new theme is bit banana leaves! Because you serve food for thought?

    Ram: Hmmm .. too much on leaves … thats for grazing …


  4. That would be nice if that would catch on here. It is better then throwing plastic in waste all the time.

    Ram: Yes, its bio-degradable (its a leaf …. so it shud be degradable nah 🙂 ) …. its an experience to relish some good food on banana leaf man.


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