Heat on the campaign trail

A Campaign Vehicle

As the last leg of elections in India is fast approaching tomorrow, and the same i happening in Tamil Nadu, the last minute canvassing for their party / candidates are (were) in full swing last week.

This time the voice to cast our vote is loud through various campaigns and sites like Jaagore.

Many educated & youths are in the fray of competing this time, like the Youth & Students party candidate in Central Madras, Sarath Babu in South Madras, Traffic Ramaswamy again in South Madras, Mafoi Pandiarajan in Virudhunagar and a few.

3 comments on “Heat on the campaign trail”

  1. Namaskara! Chennagi deera? Thanks for your great pictures! I was just in Bangalore for 4 weeks on my first trip to India. I’m new to City Daily Photo; I just started the Eagan Daily Photo. All the best from Minnesota, USA!

    Ram: Hi Leif … Namaskaram … or Vanakkam (i speak Tamil and not Kannada) … but appreciate your enthu learing a few indian words …. will visit your CDP blog too and right comments on them …


  2. Let the ‘Best Indian” win the elections

    Ram: I just hope …


  3. You published this one day before elections in Tamilnadu and made people vote for the “Rising Sun”.


    Next elections please catch Two Leaves!

    Ram: No match fixing …. will catch the right symbol next time saar ….


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