M C Heroji Rao & Bror

Heroji Rao & Bror

This late 1920’s established tailor is still in business at Doveton Junction. Now run by the 3rd generation (aka Grandson of the Founder) Mr Gajendra Rao. Its amazing to see such establishments, were your granddad, your dad and you say you stitched your shirts & pants at the same shop.
Btw, could be even your son now is getting it stitched there …

P.s.: Sathya … check the Blue board, white letters here again

2 comments on “M C Heroji Rao & Bror”

  1. There are quite a few like this in Chennai. There are quite a number of them in old localities like Mylapore and Triplicane. Good snap. You have prevented Sathya from commenting about the name board through your post script…..

    Ram: Ha haa … you spotted my ploy Anand. 😉


  2. I will still comment on the Blue background / white letters. This board is of smaller size than the other similar boards captured by you.

    I still feel these boards are some kind of an antique pieces because the owners of these establishments have not thrown them away, which is most appreciable of them.

    It is also rare to see a tailor shop not moving away from the original location. Our childhood tailor is stil there in Triplicane but has shifted atleast four times in the past 35 years.

    Ram: Probably these sign boards will be back in vogue soon again ….


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