Flag poles

Party Flags

… these are the various political party flags of Tamil Nadu. With the Indian National elections just getting over, many would forget these guys for sometime till 2011 the state assembly elections. Till then ….

2 comments on “Flag poles”

  1. Ah politics! The same the world over. Is that guy praying that he’ll get elected or praying that something bad happens to those who don’t vote for him? Or maybe he just has to go to the bathroom!

    Ram: Ha haa …. i like the idea that he needs to go to the bathroom :D. He’s appealing / praying to the voters he might be voted.


  2. You are once again propagating DMK and their “behind the scene” seen ally. Where are the Amma parties (Jaya, Sonia, Maya), Ayya party and Puli parties? (Vaiko, Thiruma).

    Ram: Now the Naresh Gupta in you’s speaking …


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