Mutton Shop

The Sunday feast is always (at many households) is the Mutton / Chicken or Fish. Seen here is the crowd at one such shop in the neighbourhood and the Goat waiting to be Mutton. Be ready for the weekend ….

3 comments on “Bakra”

  1. I like goat stew, but it’s hard to find here in Atlanta, unless one goes to the International Market. Best of all I like goat cheese – do they make goat cheese in your area? In France, they make so many varieties, here in just a few places, but it’s not as good.

    Ram: looks like i reminded you of the brilliant goat stew and the taste that still lingers in your mouth.


  2. […] the Mutton, Chicken … many prefer the fish as their Sunday feast. Fish sales, though, is spread out […]


  3. I do not like anything being slaughtered!

    To top it all, I am a Capricorn and least like the Goat slaughter.


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