Xerox, Travels, Studio, Courier, Beauty Parlour ……

Signages & Clutter

The Urban Diarrhea with regard to these clutter of signs to attract attention of the buyer / service user continues. Whatever said, these pose a very interesting subject for photography.

Spot and name the commercial complex from the clutch of sign boards here.

Check my previous post on same here.

2 comments on “Xerox, Travels, Studio, Courier, Beauty Parlour ……”

  1. Very strange. The name of the complex is “Bhaiya Complex” and i thought this is in U.P. but it is in our Singaara Chennai..

    Ram : Owner might be a UP-ite, probably ….


  2. Anand has an interesting experience about Passport and Visa (urgent Visa Passport photo) board there.

    One can read it here:

    Ram: Apart from the Passport, the massage was good. Check this on Passport


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