Feets ...

For this Theme Day celebration at the City Daily Photo and the theme “Feet”.
Seen here is a collage of the foot & foot prints my son’s leaving at the Marina Beach.
See the pictures about feet from other cities Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

7 comments on “Prints”

  1. Chennai boy feet! Meet Marina Beach feet! Sandy feet not on a street! India feet and son’s feet! Playing on the beach feet, always a treat! Fun FEET! Dhanyavadagalu feet! EAGAN daily photo feet greet

    Ram: I’m FEET’d


  2. Happy theme day. Please check out my blog.

    Ram: Thanks & Wish u the same .. i did check out and was swept by the sea wave under me …


  3. Love the photographs in this collage. Well done. Great choice for today. Looks like beautiful sand too.

    Ram: Thanks Jilly


  4. Barefoot on the beach – that’s the way to be!!

    Ram: Yes … and my son loves it more … 🙂


  5. I do love sand between by toes. Nicely conceived as a montage.

    Ram: Thanks Babooshka


  6. I love sand between the toes. I like to let my feet melt into the sand as the waves lap around them

    Ram: Thanks Julie


  7. Being bare feet on sand – you are not on “slipper”y ground.


    Ram: 😀


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