Commoners of Chennai – week 2


Hari, is a parking attendant at Doveton, Near Vepery. He’s been working there for a few years now.

He was very happy to pose for a picture. and was curious if i’m going to publish his face in a newspaper.


3 comments on “Commoners of Chennai – week 2”

  1. These guys do not give the parking slip unless you insist. I think they are paid very low salary and hence they resort to malpractices.

    Ram: Hmmm … but we cant generalise their habits …


  2. Ram,

    You parked his face on the Internet. You should have taken his son’s email id so that he could have seen his face being published on the most popular photo blog of Chennai. 🙂

    Ram: Ahem Ahem


  3. […] it’d be another few years hence we see the Parking Meters in place of the Parking attendants like these in the […]


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