A craze, once upon a time ….

Billiards Table

… yes, now its on the decline. The Billiards, Pool table parlours are now a very few, from what it was a few years ago.

Betting, all night games, snooker & pool were really famous among the young yuppie crowd and the place was always the Billiards Joints.

2 comments on “A craze, once upon a time ….”

  1. TV, Laptop, Video Games, Play Stations and Mobile Phones have pulled the people and confined them to their Sofa Sets.

    On oneside it is great to look at these technological advancements but the flip side is it has crippled the youngsters by confining them to Sofa Sets/Beds with far less outdoor activity these days…..

    Ram: Couch potatoes …


  2. Anand, Ram,

    You both are right but even Billiards is an indoor game.

    Nothing like what we played in childhood – outdoors – Cricket, Gilli Thandu, Goli etc.

    Ram: The games u mentioned were real fun …. more active ….


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