School season ….

School's reopened

Yes … the kids are back to their schools (barring a few, where the schools are reopening the coming week). So the offers on the school bags, shoes etc are also back. Like this one.

Check my last years post here, on same.

2 comments on “School season ….”

  1. Back to school? Ours just got off for the summer. Do your kids go year-round?

    Re: the sign. But I want brown shoes! 😉

    Ram: Our schools close between APril to June 1st week and also close for smaller vacations in Sep & Dec.
    Brown shoes are in the making …:)


  2. They are ‘shoe’ing off their wares as well as clearing off the stock!

    In my school days, I only wore shoes for Scout.

    Ram: We wore shoes only during PT period days ….


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