Method in Madness


I always think there’s one in these traffic chaos. (I meant the method in Madness)
Once the method is understood by the driver / the jay walker then its pure bliss. (for whom?).
For those who’ve not visited Chennai, don’t be scared, this is not real traffic, there’s worse one’s too 😉

2 comments on “Method in Madness”

  1. Things do look a bit harried, there…even more so than in Florida! Yikes! And you say it can get worse?

    Ram: Sometimes yes .. the Traffic cud be even worser …


  2. Do you know that I found it difficult to drive in more organized traffic in the Gulf after driving in Chennai? Now when I come to Chennai I find it scary to drive.

    Ram: Its all a question of getting used .. then the method in madness is understood …


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