Babu Jagajeevan Ram

The statue of Babu Jagajeevan Ram near Marina Beach. He was a freedom fighter and a most important social reformer for the backward classes. This Champion of Social reforms, was also elected to the Indian Parliament.

P.s.: Whats the connection between Crows & Statues?

3 comments on “Babu”

  1. Ram,

    Jagjeevan Ram was a parliamentarian for many years right from Jawaharlal Nehru days. He was a minister on every cabinet from Nehru\’s cabinet till 1979 when he became the Deputy Prime Minister of India.

    He held the world record for being the longest serving parliamentarian (from 1936 to 1986) and it was broken by Tony Benn (1950 to 2001).

    The current Lok Sabha speaker Kumari Meira Kumar is his daughter.


  2. Namaste! Lovely golden statue photo! Did he live during the same time as M. Gandhi? Dhanyavadagalu! Regards from EAGAN


  3. Birds cannot sit or shit on human beings that is why they choose statues


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