Sachin & Lara

Street Cricketers

Sunday mornings, most of the youngsters (who otherwise object to getting up early for schools / colleges) get up early for a couple of games of Cricket at a ground nearby. This Gentleman’s game, is the most popular across the sub-continent and played in various forms & with multiple rules according to the space availability.

7 comments on “Sachin & Lara”

  1. Is that you walking with your Cricket racket?! Good luck!

    Ram: :), No leif, shot some strangers on the street.


  2. Saxhin and Kambli maybe 😉

    Cheers !!!!

    Ram: Sach ka Samna, influence !!! 🙂


  3. Look at the way the guy in black t-shirt is carrying the bat – like “Gathayuda” in the hands of Beemasena / Hanuman.

    Ram: 😀


  4. It is very popular in our area due to the many people from the Islands living here.

    Ram: Great, do u follow the game?


  5. You know I went to school in England and saw cricket being played a lot, but I still don’t understand this game. Is this game really more popular than football for example?

    Ram: Ha haa, like i can’t understand baseball at all 🙂
    Yes the game is extremely popular in about 10-12 countries across. Mostly British colonies.


    • Vagabonde,

      We are trying to make Cricket popular in China.

      If it happens, it will become the largest followed game even if played only in few countries.

      If I say “yes it is very popular” that will be a huge underestimation. All Indians have two blood groups. One is the normal blood group all people in the world have. The other is called “Cricket”.


  6. yes boss . after a long time I played this game in front of the Chennai airport 🙂


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