…. the 1st car to be produced in India and going still is the Hindustan Motors Ambassador. Its been the base design from 1948 onwards, based on the design of Morris Oxford Series III.

Its an amazing all terrain vehicle and many cars can still not beat these guys when it comes to loading people inside a car. Its still an consideration in many rural areas of India.

Still the babu’s of the government are in love this vehicle.

6 comments on “Amby”

  1. I loved seeing the Ambassador cars in India when I was there in February! I like their shape!


  2. The family I lived with in England when I went to school there had a car like this – I am not sure if it was the same model, but it does look the same. It was very nice and my friend’s dad polished it all the time.


  3. 30 years ago Ambassador used to be the “King of the Road” in India…


  4. Its always the Road king of India.. My family used to love Ambassador especially for long drives.. Its space, economy, reliability are the key for this Legend’s success more than 50 yrs.. As its rightly known as Common man’s Car… Long live the Ambassador!!!


  5. […] spotted them earlier here & […]


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